“Visualize the Present, the Past and the Future”

New compass for management processes maximizing your business possibilities

What is SuperStream-NX?

SuperStream-NX, a solution for business foundations, has been improved and sophisticated through over 20 years of market research and interaction with a total of 9,000 customers. It instantly visualizes management information of group companies including overseas subsidiaries, and provides local business practices, currencies and other features crucial to successful globalization. Allowing either on-premise or cloud-based deployment of the back end systems, it enables even overseas subsidiaries to develop infrastructures where they can utilize the foundations while the corporate governance is consistently maintained. Break away from the inflexible foundations tied to old customs. SuperStream-NX is the ever-evolving solution for business foundations, making positive changes in Japanese accounting and human resources.

SuperStream-NX Product map

SuperStream-NX Cloud

8 Points SuperStream-NX brings

  1. SuperStream based all Cloud -Cloud as the worldwide common function-Everything in Cloud, enabling "Global Single Instance"!
  2. Multi language(Japanese & English) -Global One Operation-Global One Operation
  3. No Need "Translation" -Japanese / English Reporting-Internal / External Reports can be issued both in Japanese / English
  4. Operation Manual in EnglishStandard Service of Operation Manual for Local Users
  5. Global Single Instance -Improved Internal Control & Consolidation-No Information interruption
  6. Support "Functional Currency" Setting Functional Currency / Enable Revaluation of Foreign Currency
  7. Highly Sophisticated Management Accounting -Enable Management Approach-Profitability Analysis using Segmentation Function
  8. "Tracing Function" -Trace Business Challenge-Real time access / trace of the business challenges by both Oversea Subsidiary / HQ