About SuperStream-NX Management Foundational Solutions

SuperStream based all Cloud -Cloud as the worldwide common function-

Everything in Cloud, enabling “Global Single Instance” !

  1. Japan HQ and Overseas Subsidiaries will be connected based on accounting system.
  2. Global Implementation may substantially reduce IT investment costs of groups as a whole.
  3. Cross-border common systems/database will enable J-GAPP to be implemented in overseas accounting ledgers.


Multi language (Japanese & English) -Global One Operation-

Global One Operation

  1. Oversea Users can operate the system in English
  2. HQ is able to open “Same Screen" and perform “Same Operation”
  3. Cross-border Common System/Database
  4. Strongly support the overseas business expansion of Japanese clients


No Need for "Translation" -Japanese/English Reporting-

Internal/External Reports can be issued both in Japanese/English

  1. Oversea Users can operate the system in English
  2. Reporting in English for the shareholders/investors of the company with higher foreign stock ownership ratio
  3. Useful function for the management/Managers/Users of Japanese clients under Global Operations


Operation Manual in English

Standard Service of Operation Manual for Local Users

  1. Full English version of Operation Manual for SuperStream-NX
  2. User friendly and can be used effectively for “Overseas documentation culture”
  3. Support with the standardised procedures


Global Single Instance -Improved Internal Control & Consolidation-

“No Information interruption”

  1. No additional work for the client to compare own data with outsourcing results.
  2. Enable Japan HQ to refer to Overseas financial statements.Improving the accuracy of the consolidation.
  3. No interruption on data transfer,substantially reduces Internal Control Risk


Support “Functional Currency”
-Setting Functional Currency/Enable Revaluation of Foreign Currency-


Highly Sophisticated Management Accounting -Enable Management Approach-

Profitability Analysis using Segmentation Function

Support Multiple Organisation, Customer/Vendor List, Segmentation, Project Code which is essential for management accounting purpose


“Tracing Function” -Trace Business Challenge-

Real time access / trace of the business challenges by both Oversea subsidiary / HQ

  1. NX provides Searching/Tracing functions of transactions to visualise Business Information
  2. Available to attach the source documents to journal entries(Contracts, Invoices, etc.)
  3. Tracing Function is available among Gl/AP/AR